Sermon Podcasts September – December 2009

December 2013

Small Group Studies

Shoreline Community Church fosters Small Group meetings studying a variety of subjects.

Each Small Group meeting is focused on an important dimension of spiritual growth.  Groups enjoy Bible study, discussion, watching DVD lessons and reading books by respected Christian authors.

Which study would you like to attend?

  • 10:00am Sundays ~ “The Book of Mark” ~ Joe Walker  (Passover Room)
  • 10:00am Sundays ~ “Soul Winning”` David Rymer (Room 101)
  • 10:00am Sundays ~ “The Book of Revelation” ~ Bill Tomlinson (Room 103)
  • 10:00am Mondays ~ Women’s Bible Study: “The Book of Romans” ~ Joy Bridgham at Kaffe 101
  • 5:00pm Sunday ~ “Anchor – College Aged Women’s Bible Study” ~ Jessie Barnard (Room 103)
  • 6:30pm Mondays ~ “Solid Ground” Youth Discipleship ~ Jessie Barnard (Church Office)
  • 6:15pm Tuesdays ~ Coast Guard/Young Adult Bible Study Fellowship – “The Epistle of 1 Peter” ~ Mike Barnard  (Childcare provided)
  • 10:00am Fridays ~ “Foundations Systematic Theology” (DVD/Discussion) ~ Mike Barnard
  • 11:30am Fridays ~ “Rays Of Hope” (Grief Support Group for Widows) ~ Carolyn Abel /Royce Bogs

Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups that meet on a weekly basis to “do life” together.

The intention of Life Groups is for participants to enjoy a more personal connection to the Shoreline Community Church family. We learn, love and grow our Christian faith in an intimate and supportive environment.

Each week, Life Groups “Dig Deeper”, studying through the Bible teaching given at the prior Sunday service.  Life Groups study through the current teaching series.

Shoreline Community Church has several Life Groups available. Choose the group which best works for you:

  • 6:30pm Thursdays: Kip Johnson Life Group, North Bend
  • 6:30pm Thursdays: The Triple J. Life Group  **At the church**
  • 6:30pm Thursdays:  Dave Bogs Life Group, Lakeside

List of Activities Coming Up…

“Women’s Craft Day Tomorrow!”  (Saturday)

The ladies will be holding our next craft day on Saturday, December 6th at 10:00am.  This month’s project will be making a Christmas ornament, for more information please contact Becky Bytof.

Help Needed

The deacons are in need of help cleaning up our building on Mondays and Saturdays, if you can help, please contact Larry Mikulecky or any of the deacons.

Coming This Sunday!

This Sunday I plan to bring the message “The Transfiguration Of Jesus Christ” from Matthew 17:1-13, Tom Miller and team will be leading us in our worship music.

Coming Sunday Evening:

“Country Christmas Concert” & Potluck Dinner

5:00pm Sunday at Shoreline Church

Please bring: a main dish and side dish or dessert.  Turkey, ham & dinner rolls will be provided by Women’s Ministries”.  You can either bring your own utensils or use the paper and plastic ones the church provides.  Hope to see you for a very special evening Sunday in the main Sanctuary!

Youth Ministry

youth-ministryMiddle School through High School age.

MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of our Frontline Youth Ministry is to help our students become spiritual leaders (Warriors for Christ) in their generation and to be a part of something bigger than themselves as they learn how to reach others for Christ.

See our page on this ministry for more detail.



Thanksgiving afterthought, or a year-round forethought?


Traditions that became Holidays... Pilgrims to the New World had their Harvest Feast with immense grattitude. Thanksgiving traces it's roots to Plymouth MA in 1621. Traditions that became Holidays… Pilgrims to the New World had their Harvest Feast with immense grattitude. Thanksgiving traces it’s roots to Plymouth MA in 1621.

This verse came up for us in sharing over our food.

Posed this morning as a prayerful after thought for the Thanksgiving Holiday yesterday … it remains sweet for the spirit.

Upon reflection, we recognize the thoughts in First Samuel 12:24 as applying so much more widely — Believers: might we endeavor to bear this in mind year-round?

But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you. 1Sam. 12:24

If history is it’s own lesson, we’d be wise to understand the roots of our Holidays.  In the case of Thanksgiving, it is truly rooted in the Protestant Reformation, tracing it’s origins to Plymouth Massecheusetts in 1612.

For more info see this Article.

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Womens Discipleship Meeting

6:30pm Tuesday Discipleship

The woman’s discipleship group is being moved to the home of Mike and Cheryl Barnard as Cheryl is now the caretaker for her mother.  Childcare will still be at the church where the men are meeting with their group.

Sunday Worship Services

Sunday 8:30am and 10:45am

This Sunday Pastor Mike will bring the message “The Caesarea Philippi Confession” from Matthew 16:13-21.  Please join us for this special Sunday as the SCC Worship team leads us in our worship music.  (Please read through the “Digging Deeper” Bible study notes before Sunday to get the most out of the message. Link to that file is below.)

We look forward to seeing you Sunday!

43. DD The Caesarea Philippi Confession