The Board of Deacons is made up of called and qualified men who meet the biblical mandates of 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

Deacons are spiritually mature and trustworthy men who assist the elders in serving the needs of the Church. As agents of Christ’s mercy, the deacons are to oversee the practical and material needs of people. Deacons are primarily people-helpers and administrators of the Church’s charity. The deacons also assist the elders by managing maintenance of Church building and grounds. Deacons are servants.

Alexander Strauch writes on page 156 of his book “Minister of Mercy – The New Testament Deacon”:

“Through the deacons, the local church’s charitable activities are effectively organized and centralized. The deacons are collectors of funds, distributors of relief, and agents of mercy. They help the poor, the jobless, the sick, the widowed, the elderly, the homeless, the shut-in, the refugees, and the disabled. They counsel and guide people. They visit people in their homes. They relieve suffering. They comfort, protect, and encourage people, and help to meet their needs. In contemporary language, they are the congregation’s social workers.”

Deacons play a vital role in the congregation complementing the work of the elders and assisting them in meeting the physical needs of the Church.

The deacons of Shoreline Community Church are:

Phil Bogs; Bryan Davidson; Roger Dunithan; Desmond Hangana; Les Kaye (Vice-Chairman); Patrick Myers (Chairman); Bill Steevens; Max Thompson

Pat Myers – Chairman
Les Kaye
Bryan Davidson
Max Thompson
Phil Bogs
Bill Steevens
Roger Dunithan

Desmond Hangana

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