Kids M-119:11

Mission 119-11

Mission 119:11 is Shoreline’s mid-week ministry for children 3 years old through 6th Grade.  This is an exciting new ministry that grounds children in their Christian faith while they are having a great time at club.  Mission 119:11  meets weekly during the school year from 6:30-8:10PM on Wednesdays at Shoreline Community Church. You can register your child for this high-energy children’s ministry here.  The key verse of Mission 119:11 is Psalm 119:11 ~ “Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.”


Mission 119:11 combines the excitement of four-way team competition with a thorough Bible study/Bible memory program, encouraging children to grow spiritually and leaving them excited to come back for more each week. Club activities are divided into three main segments: Handbook Time, Council Time, and Game Time.


Handbook Time

Handbook Time is the small group time of club when the children break apart with their Leaders into small groups of children to work through their handbooks.  The children will work on their Bible memory verses and the various sections within their handbooks earning awards to be displayed on their uniforms.

Council Time

Council Time is when the entire club meets together for music, singing, a Bible Lesson, gospel presentation, testimonies, award presentations and announcements.

Game Time

Game Time features a variety of fun team games. It is a refreshing, high-energy period that children enjoy and look forward to week after week.

What are some of the Mission 119:11 distinctives?

  • Children will work through a comprehensive Bible memorization program learning verses that will help them for the rest of their lives!
  • Children will not only learn the gospel message, but they will learn how to share the gospel with other children by using such tools as the Wordless Book and Roman’s Road!
  • Children will learn to understand their identity in Jesus Christ and what it means to be a Christian!
  • Mission 119.11 will team up with Voice of the Martyrs “Kids Of Courage” in order to help the children understand some of the challenges faced by Christians around the world!
  • Christian apologist J. Warner Wallace has given us permission to incorporate the CSI parts of his book “Cold Case Christianity For Children” into our Mission 119.11 handbooks!
  • The older kids will learn basic theology (“The study of God”), apologetics (“Defending their faith”), and some of the world views they will face in life!
  • Children will be encouraged to serve in some area of ministry!
  • Children will receive points toward awards for doing household chores at home without being told, doing their homework, and keeping a good attitude with their parents!
  • Children will be encouraged to write letters and/or draw pictures sending them to our local police officers and firefighters for the express purpose of encouraging them in their service to our community!
  • Children will learn the meaning of the stars and stripes along with the colors of our flag; the meaning of the thirteen folds of the flag; and the importance of demonstrating respect in the country we live in (Rom. 13:1-7)!

NOTE: Data gathered by the Barna Research Group indicates that most children will die with the beliefs they have gathered by the time they are 13-years old.  It is our goal to come alongside parents to help them reinforce these Judeo-Christian values in the lives of their children.

Which Mission 119:11 club will your child attend?

  • Officers:  3-year olds through kindergarten.  Children must be 3-years old at the start of the club year to participate.
  • Deputies: 1st -3rd Grade
  • Troopers:  4th – 6th Grade                                                                                               NOTE: Mission 119:11 uses an investigative theme as children investigate the great truths of God and His Word!

Ready to join? Register your child for our 2022-23 Mission 119:11 Clubs at the following link: Mission 119.11 registration form.pdf




2 thoughts on “Kids M-119:11

  1. Is it possible for an interested child to come once or twice with the parent to see if it is something they would want to do long term?


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