Church Governance Statement
Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church. Under the Headship of Christ,Shoreline Community Church is an independent, autonomous elder-led congregation. Each elder and deacon is to be congregationally affirmed annually. SCC_Constitution / SCC_Membership_Covenant

Affirmation of Elders and Deacons:
All elders and deacons shall be subject to a vote of affirmation by the Church members annually. The affirmation process will be done by closed ballots at the annual business meeting or a specially called business meeting. Candidates must receive at least 80% approval from the membership present to be affirmed as an elder or deacon. Should a candidate fail to make the 80% affirmation, the Board of elders will reconsider the candidate. There is no term limit so long as the elders and deacons receive an “annual” 80% affirmation vote by Church members present at the annual Church business meeting.

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