praying-hands2The Elders function as the spiritual leaders of the church, carrying the responsibility and authority to lead the congregation. The work of Christian elders is “to shepherd the church of God.” (1 Pet. 5:1-4)  Elders are to be servant-leaders, actively involved in the lives of the congregation.

Alexander Strauch writes on pages 158 and 159 of his book “Biblical Eldership,”

“These shepherd elders are to guard the flock from false teachers. To guard the gospel and teach the whole counsel of God. Thus elders must be doctrinally sound leaders who are able to defend and teach the Word. Elders are also obligated to guard ‘all the flock,’ that is every single member. Hence Christian elders are required to know and be involved in the personal lives of the people they shepherd. Furthermore, they are to sacrificially care for needy, suffering members of the flock… the life of an elder must be marked by hard work, generosity, and a life of service on behalf of others. The kind of leadership Paul has in mind is shepherding, guarding, feeding, leading, and caring for God’s flock. In short… Christian elders are responsible for the pastoral oversight of the local church.”

The government of Shoreline Community Church operates under the direction of a plurality of elders. The pastor-teacher or “teaching-elder” may be a leader among peers, but has equal authority with the other elders. The pastor-teacher is accountable to the entire Board of Elders. The Board shall be made up of called and qualified men (1 Tim. 3:1-11;Titus 1:5-9) from within the Shoreline Community Church congregation. (Associate pastors attend elder meetings in an advisory capacity, but are not voting elders.)

Elder decisions are to be made by seeking 100 percent Board approval. Should an agreement on an issue not be reached, the item will be tabled for further prayer and discussion until 100 percent approval can be obtained. Should an Elder Board decision be “required” while a member is incapacitated or unreachable, the decision may be made by a 100% vote of the remaining Board members. Deacon decisions will be made by a simple majority vote at regular or specially called deacon meetings.

The elders and spiritual leaders of Shoreline Community Church are:

Harry Abel; Michael Barnard; Jim Brown; Kip Johnson; Bob Pedigo; and Tom Trammel

Note: Pastoral Care Pastor Dave Rymer attends elder board meetings in an advisory capacity.

David Bogs and David Foster hold the honorary title of elder emeritus at Shoreline Community Church and can fill in for the other elders when the board is shorthanded or in need of extra help.

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