Sunday, August 28

Hello Church Family,

This weekend, I plan to bring the message, “Are You Facing A Major Obstacle In Your Life?” from Joshua 3:1-4:9.  Please read through the attached “Digging Deeper” Bible study notes before Sunday to get the most out of the message.  We hope you have been enjoying the meals after church each week, this weekend the Ciccarelli’s will be hosting and chilidogs are on the menu.  Special thanks to everyone who has been chipping in behind the scenes and helping with these meals, what a special time of food and fellowship we have had this summer.  Following this Sunday, we only have three more weeks to go outdoors before we move back inside.  Please be praying about who you can invite to church with you this weekend.  I hope to see you this Sunday, remember prayer time is at 8:30am in Room 101, Sunday School is at 9:30am, and church is at 10:30am outside on the lawn.  See you then!

In Christian Love,

Michael J. Barnard
541-808-0902 (Church)
541-297-1571 (Cell)
Teaching God’s Word, loving the people!

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