Important Update

Hello everyone, 

This weekend I plan to bring the message, “Will You Stand For Jesus Or Buckle Under The Pressure?” from John 19:1-22; communion will follow.  Please read through the attached “Digging Deeper” Bible study notes before Sunday to get the most out of the message.  Once again, we will be meeting outside on the SCC Pavilion.  If you get cold sitting outside Sunday mornings, try placing your lawn chairs next to the big fence to get a wind block.  We still have open spots for people to worship in their cars if you like. 

After Church Lunch 

The church will once again be providing lunch for anyone who would like to hang around after church and continue fellowshipping.  This week, the Ciccarelli’s will be serving chilidogs.  We hope you can hang around and join us.  (Special thanks to everyone who has been helping with the cooking and food donations.) 

Note: On Sunday, August 7th, we will have missionaries M. and D. with us from a very sensitive part of the world.  They will be sharing in Joe Walker’s Sunday School class at 9:30am and for 15 minutes at the end of our morning service.    

Upcoming Activities: 

“Answers For Women With Mini-Breakfast” 

This Saturday is our next “Answers For Women With Mini-Breakfast” in the Passover Room at 9:00am.  This month the ladies will be looking at the Janet Mefferd DVD teaching: “Combating The Father Of Lies.”  For more information, call Smile Massie at 541-267-6545. 

“Family Playdate @ Hall Lake” 

Children 5 years old through 6th Grade are invited to join us at Hall Lake for a day of family fun.  With the shortage of workers, parents of younger children need to be there.  For more information, please call Jessie Barnard at 541-808-3171. 

“Frontline Student Outing” 

Our Middle School and High School students are invited to a fun outing together on Thursday, August 4th.  For more information, call Jessie Barnard at 541-808-3171. 

“Ladies Night Out” 

Our next “Ladies Night Out” is scheduled for 6:00pm Friday, August 5 at Shoreline Community Church.  We hope you can join the ladies for an evening of fun and fellowship.  For more information, call Kristal Hangana at 775-379-8892. 

“Men’s Breakfast” 

Our next “Men’s Breakfast” is scheduled for 9:00am Saturday, August 6th at Shoreline Community Church.  We hope the men can join us for a great time of food and fellowship.  The meal is always followed by a lively discussion that is practical to every man’s life. 

“Gospel Jubilee – Open Mic” 

The August “Gospel Jubilee – Open Mic” is scheduled for 3:00pm Sunday, August 7th in the Shoreline Community Church Sanctuary.  If you are interested in singing, please call Tom Trammel at 541-521-9596.  

“Camp Good News” 

Child Evangelism Fellowship will be putting on their “Camp Good” News Monday, August 8 – Friday, August 12th at Camp Fircroft near Langlois.  Children 6 years old through 6th Grade are invited, Shoreline has a few scholarships available if needed.  For more information, please call Jessie Barnard at 541-808-3171. 

“All-Church Campout” at Laverne Park 

Our All-Church Campout is scheduled for Thursday, August 11 through Monday, August 15 at the private Laverne Park Campground.  The campground has 22 sites available with the cost being $25.00 per site per night.  We still have a few sites open so hope to have a few more people sign up.  If you are interested in attending, please call Stefanie Ahlers at 541-297-2899. 

SCC Prayer Requests: 

Clayton Ashbaugh ~ Clayton is not doing well and has had a much needed surgery canceled for at least a month. Unfortunately, Clayton tested positive for Covid and his needed surgeries have been put off for 30 days.  Please continue to pray for Clayton. 

Pastor Dave Rymer ~ Pastor continues to make slight improvements; he is not at the point yet where even I can visit him.  Dave has started eating small amounts again and has put back on 3 pounds of the 20-25 pounds that he lost.  He is being treated daily by Doctor Crane and his office receiving antibiotics through shots as well receiving blood thinners through additional shots.  Please continue to pray for Pastor Dave and his daughter Amy who is taking care of him. 

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday on the lawn at 10:30am Sunday.  Please be thinking about family members and friends whom you can invite to church with you.  See you Sunday! 

In Christian Love, 

Michael J. Barnard
541-808-0902 (Church)
541-297-1571 (Cell)
Teaching God’s Word, loving the people!

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