News for You!

Hi everyone, 

Elders Announcement

We will be returning to one service on Sunday, May 7, 2023 @ 10:30am

Sunday Service

This weekend Joe Walker will be bringing the message, “The Joy Of Knowing Your Place” from Colossians 3:18-22. 

Pastor Mike and Cheryl are on Vacation 

Pastor Mike will not be back in the office until Tuesday, May 9th. Please address any issues that come up to Pastor Phil, Pastor Dave, or to one of the elders in our two-week absence. Thanks! 

Perfumes And Colognes 

Multiple people have come and asked me to request that people not wear perfumes or colognes at church. Some people are allergic to the fragrances and have their ability to breath shut down just by getting a whiff of it.  Although Stefanie Ahlers (our Worship Director) has not complained to me, I’ve seen her shut down on multiple occasions after walking by someone with perfume or cologne on, she was barely able to finish her worship sets.  For the sake of others, please consider not wearing your perfumes and colognes at church.  Thank you for your understanding and looking out for the welfare of others. 

Ladies Night Out 

Our next Ladies Night out is scheduled for 6:00pm Friday, May 5th at Shoreline Community Church. Please come expecting a good time together. 

Men’s Breakfast 

The next Men’s Breakfast is scheduled for 9:00am Next Saturday, May 6th in the Passover Room. We hope you can join us for some delicious food, great fellowship, and a lively discussion to follow. 

Singled Out 

A community Singles Group meets the 1st Saturday of every month at different churches. The next fellowship is scheduled for 6:00pm, Saturday May 6th at the Harbor Assembly of God.  If you are interested in more information, please call Alissa Hennessey at 970-901-7153.   

Pray Oregon Coast 

Mark your calendars the next “Pray Oregon Coast” is scheduled for 6:00 pm Friday, May 19 here at Shoreline Community Church in North Bend.  We hope you can join us for a special evening of worship and prayer.   

An Evening Of Worship 

Mark your calendars Shoreline Community Church will be holding our next Evening Of Worship 6:00 pm Sunday, May 21st, 2023. Stefanie Ahlers is planning on having several of our worship teams lead us in a few worship songs each.  Last time we did this it turned into an incredible time of worship. Please put this date on your calendar, we hope to see you there! 

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