News For You!

Hello everyone, 

This Sunday I plan to bring the challenging message “Ananias And Sapphira” from Acts 5:1-21a; communion will follow.  Please read through the attached “Digging Deeper” Bible study notes before Sunday to get the most out of the message. 

All Church Business Meeting Results 

All elders, deacons, the 2023 Church Budget and Revised Constitution were all approved with everyone present voting yes, there were zero no votes, and six candidates out of the 14 received a few abstentions. We praise the Lord for the unity within this church family.

Children’s Playground 

We are looking at purchasing newer and safer equipment for our children’s playground.  The cost will be approximately $7,119.00, people have already graciously donated $3,633.00 towards this project.  If you would like to contribute to the playground, simply write “Children’s Playground” on your donation.  Thanks! 

Pray Oregon Coast 

This month’s “Pray Oregon Coast” will be 6:00pm Friday, February 17th at the South Coast Gospel Mission.  I hope you can join Pastor David and myself there for a special time of prayer and worship. 

Quote of the Week 

Pastor Dave Rymer ~ “Christians are like tea; their real strength is not effective until they are in hot water.” 

Have a wonderful week in the Lord as you walk closely with Him.  I look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 10:30am. 

In Christian Love, 

Michael J. Barnard
541-808-0902 (Church)
541-297-1571 (Cell)
Teaching God’s Word, loving the people!

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