Coming this Sunday!

Hi everyone,
This weekend I plan to bring the message “Unity And A Right Mind” from Philippians 4:1-9; Phil Jeffery and team will lead the worship music. This week we start worshiping outdoors on the lawn at 10:30am. Approximately 13 car spaces will be available on the lawn for high risk individuals and those who would prefer to stay in their cars; first come first serve.

Here is some important information for you:
• Prayer time will be at 9:00am in the Passover Room.
• Please bring your own lawn chairs and/or blankets for the lawn; we encourage you to dress accordingly for the weather. If it is hot, you might consider bringing an umbrella for shade.
• We encourage you to bring your own coffee and drinks.
• I strongly encourage you to please print out your teaching notes, Digging Deeper notes and lyrics as I we will not be able to use our PowerPoint slides outside. The information that would be on the slides can be found in the boxes on your teaching notes so that you can follow along. If you would like a copy of the teaching, Digging Deeper notes and lyrics, please contact me at

We will have some metal chairs available for those who don’t have lawn or camping chairs to bring. We are not planning on putting out as many this week as we had last week.

We ask that you please practice social distancing. Masks are optional but are not required outside if non-family units stay at least 6’ apart. We are thankful that we can continue to meet in corporate worship, most of the churches in California have been shut down once again. The state has put some guidelines on us, and we might not be happy about it, but we have to follow these guidelines if we want to keep the masks off and continue meeting corporately.

Just a couple more things, Connie Barnard of Bridge has blessed the church with about 50 really nice homemade face masks. If you would like one for your trips around town, just let me know. Special thanks to Connie for all the time and effort she put into doing this for our church family.

Please let your family and friends know about the change of service time and location. This week our facebook live broadcast will begin at 10:30am on the Shoreline facebook page. The church is looking a making some major changes to correct the problems we have been having with the facebook live stream. It may not be this weekend, but hopefully in the near future we can have the cutting in and out solved.

Last week was an awesome time of worship together, I look forward to another very special time of worship with you this Sunday!

In Christian Love,
Mike (Psalm 37:4)

Digging Deeper notes link: Unity and a right mind.pdf