Down The Halls Of Heaven

No one can describe Heaven as is attested by Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:4. We can only imagine what Heaven will be like. We do know the sun will not be needed as God’s presence will be there which will give both light and warmth (Revelation 21:23). Heaven is a beautiful place and one in which God desires all people to dwell in. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and His saving work and you shall be saved. Walk with Him in this life so that you may walk with Him down the halls of heaven.

Down The Halls of Heaven

Down the halls of Heaven I walk to and fro
Awestruck by His grace and beauty everywhere I go.
The sights I see, the sounds I hear; it’s beauty beyond depiction
The warmth and glow of His presence flows free without restriction.
As I walk amazed and enamored (I cannot even speak!)
I catch a glimpse of His beautiful face and my knees become so weak.
I fall down in awe and worship in front of my Creator
And then I feel His loving hands lift up this former sinner.
His gracious arms envelope me and I am filled with peace
For all the sin that I once knew is gone now; it has ceased. 
In the halls of Heaven I now forever stay
Living in His presence and my crown, to Him, I lay.
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!
Who was and is and is to come! The Perfection of Beauty.

~ Alex Neuman

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